But here’s the thing: the Underground diagram already send very conflicting messages — it’s constantly saying, “I look like a map, but I am not one. ” And yet if you ask 100 people what the London Underground display “is,” I’ll bet cash money that 100 people will call it a map.

Because that’s its in that way, aren’t designers’ definitions about what it “is” or “isn’t” simply academic?

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Can women have sex with a man and not get emotionally involved?

And when is the right time to have sex with someone you meet…? Are women really capable of detaching from our emotional nature in order to have a short term win in the form of a one night stand or a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship without getting involved?

She has removed her dress and her lingerie so she could masturbate while we are watching her. A couple of lesbians are on the couch, doing sexy things to one another.

They have large tits and wet pussies that they love to caress.

The first one being, I believe you can break a habit immediately if you choose to and while it could take 21 days to create a habit, when it comes to sleeping with someone, well, that could only take 21 minutes. A genetic predisposition to procreate and get as much practise in spreading their seed as possible… But unlike us girls, they can ‘do it’ without the emotional attachment, yes, that means wham bam thank you mamm!

Most importantly, the thing we need to remember is that women are emotional animals and yes, we are animals after all (let’s not forget that). But the question is, can women do the same thing without getting emotionally attached?

And when tech blogger (and occasional Fast Company contributor) Tim Carmody responded to Spiekermann’s comment via Twitter, Spiekermann derided him for using the word “map” again. Twitter slapfights don’t usually get me thinking, but this one did.

Regardless of whether you think Noad’s experiment is successful, interesting, ill-conceived, self-aggrandizing, or something else, his intent — like any designer’s intent — was simply to create something : to help someone see where they are and decide where they’re going.

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Are women truly capable of the kind of freedom that allows us to be sexually active without emotional attachment?