” question and gushing about how her date was so strong when helping her in the Uber.

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Bragging Rights: Largest database of singles with disabilities Simply put, has more singles than any other dating site — and that includes singles with disabilities.

So for over ten years I was basically alone except for my family, and that was my biggest fear, being alone forever.” In addition, Wayne suffered a series of health setbacks over the years, involving surgeries and leg amputations But what Wayne has not lost is his upbeat attitude. A resident of Chester, a small town in Virginia, Wayne has taken up new hobbies and keeps himself very busy.

Even though he misses sports, “I’m a pretty positive person regardless of the situation. With baseball (the sport he had once anticipated playing in college), volleyball, tennis and basketball out of the question, he has taken up shopping, watching sports, seeing movies, going to museums and concerts, playing sports video games, and, of course, everyone’s favorite – going online.

I'm sure there are plenty more reasons to date..not date...you should look past the wheelchair...see the man..... A family member is currently seeing a guy in a wheelchair. He would have to be fine as hell..couldn't be just anyone..that goes for any guy whether he is in a wheelchair or walking. I can pee on my own..own shoes...i have company.... Been in a chair one for 26 years and had many many many happy ladie friends. I got into a fight once with a dude in a wheelchair...kicked the living shit out of me...to make matters worse....after he whopped my ass..Ran over me!!! ...became the best of friends...invites me to his house..I invite him to my house...then I get him drunk...convince him..he can jump eight trash cans with his wheelchair....which he almost does.... I'm gonna take him on a trip to the bahamas...loves the bahamas...once told me..the worst thing someone could do to him..to feel sorry for him...said it makes him feel Incompitent...I refuse to believe that my friend...every other person in a wheelchair is less of a man than I am...I'm gonna get another Beer.... I have been dating a guy in a wheelchair for over a year now. He hadn't always been in a wheelchair, but was bound to one after an accident that occurred when he was a teenager.

Just don't expect the same type of relationship you would have with a guy that's not in a wheelchair.... If your car should break down...both could ride his wheelchair to the nearest gas station.... He would have to be fine as hell..couldn't be just anyone..that goes for any guy whether he is in a wheelchair or walking. I just don't see those people that are in a wheelchair..a "cripple"...the Rabbit...everyone is Equal.....

I had been in my fair share of relationships in which (to me) all of them combined do not even come close to being half the man he is.

No man has ever made me feel more special, or beautiful in my life and I am an attractive girl.

It was all organic, which I loved; plus she’s an amazing person.

I wanted to provide subtle insight on a topic everyone can relate to, like dating, but share my unique experience as a person with a disability.

If you are in the woods...a bear gets after you..will be able to get away....while his ass gets eaten...you take him shopping at walmart...won't need a shopping cart...push him around...while he holds the shit.... Anyone who would make light of someone unfortunate enough to not be able to walk and have to use a w/c for mobility God help you. Oh well, maybe you`ll be fortunate enogh to never know but I do. I don't even know what the hell making light means....