Which is why I’m going to be starting something new every week, and sticking to it day to day. But I was just lounging around the house today, so I didn’t have to go out, which made things easier.

I’m definitely going to be expecting some urges to give up but, I will not let you girls down! I love me some underwear, and going commando is something I rarely do. Although, I did find it pretty hard to get comfortable on the couch while doing homework.

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I began to become much better friends with it after taking away the unnecessary barrier between us.(I should probably mention, now that you’re thinking I leave clam prints wherever I go, that 90 percent of the time I wear yoga pants or leggings, so you can sit anywhere I've once been with ease.) The Pros of Going Commando When I say that not wearing underwear for a year made me feel more comfortable with myself, I don’t mean with just masturbating or generally chillin' with my babe.

I mean it made me feel less ashamed of my body and more open in all areas of my life.

If it is obvious that a character is Going Commando and/or it is played for Fanservice purposes, it is Vapor Wear.

Compare Naked in Mink, Diamonds in the Buff, Full-Frontal Assault (for when the fighter decides to forgo more than his boxers).

Let’s assume that you wear one pair of underwear a day and go through two pairs on the three days you work out. Assuming you aren’t perfect at timing laundry, you’ll need at least two or three extra pairs of underwear in your drawer to get you through until laundry day replenishes the fresh underwear supply. That means on the low side, you spend $60-$600 for one week's supply of something you wear only because society wants you to cover up your oh-so-dirty lady parts!

Rounding up, that’s 15 pairs of underwear over about a week and a half. And of course, once they get stained or start to fade, you’re expected to replace them. The Cons of Commando One of the big questions people ask about losing the undies is this, "Is going commando unsanitary? One, I am not a doctor, so I can’t professionally comment on sanitation.

They inspired me to throw my thongs to the wind — actually, I probably just threw them away — and embrace the comfort that comes with going commando (AKA wearing zero underwear under your clothes) 100 percent of the time.

It’s impressive what letting go of underwear did for my level of vagina-confidence.

Day 2, Tuesday: I had a paper on a museum due, so I went to the Leonis Adobe Museum in Calabasas, California.

I also dragged my boyfriend and his friend along with me because they talk about early 1900s adobes all the time… It was about 97° outside, so of course I decided to wear some jeans. Before we went to the museum, we decided to grab some Mexican food. It’s not a vagina anymore people; it’s down there, now. except I couldn’t stop thinking about my commando situation.

organic in their living style, and one of the habits I picked up from them was never wearing any more clothing than I absolutely had to.