Ed actually wins something that doesn’t involve his pickle! Sarah slept with Ed the first week, voted against him the next day, and then Jaclyn slept with Ed. She asks him to promise he’ll be his partner until the end. Jamie also questions Chris‘s motive for choosing Sarah.

she's also the first black woman to find her future spouse on the show.

But the bigger significance of how these two facts have cemented her story in the pop culture cannon?

The judges are Harry Potter lookalikes, and Kalon said, "Are they from Hogwarts?

" Blakeley and Tony are out, followed by Lindzi and Kalon, and Rachel and Nick.

Super fan David Mallet and Rachel Trueheart scored the lowest, so they’re both going into the next rose ceremony with a vote already against them. Jamie cries, “I’m being so honest, and it’s just not working out for me.” Jamie gets her sob story in order, approaching Michael first. Then, if that goes well, Ed will take Sarah on his date the next night. ” On the way to the car, I suspect Chris Harrison whispers in Sarah‘s ear “easy lay” and suddenly Sarah understands why Chris picked her. They’re staging a scene, and Sarah kicks Chris in the face. Blakeley decides she cannot trust Chris and Jamie walks away thinking Chris belongs to her now.

The Bachelor Pad picks up where the Erica Rose empire has fallen. Chris Harrison shows up and tells the couples to partner up, because they are playing as one now. They arrive at Bachelor Pad Spelling Bee, where each couple talks about how bad they are at spelling.And no, Lindsay doesn't find it sexist or anti-feminist that Bryan grabbed her unexpectedly, saying "I wouldn't be a part of anything that was like that." Besides, she did the same to Bachelor Nick Viall when she was a contestant on his season."I was completely taken a back by Bryan kissing me," Lindsay says."I didn't think any of the guys would kiss me on the first night and none of them did except for Bryan.They will be voting the same way, and voted out together. This isn't a regular spelling bee though, the couples have to alternate each letter.Pretty much they are like the twins, without the splitting headache. That would get really confusing if you forgot which letter you were on, or weren't paying attention, like me who while live-tweeting wrote the wrong their., which is still airing, so the announcement means she’s not this season’s winner.