This headstone may have been selected by Bruce Wayne's wife, possibly Selena Kyle.

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There is universal agreement that the character is not an active churchgoer in any faith.

Right: The headstone of Bruce Wayne (Batman): a Christian cross.

I always felt frightened and oppressed becouse of the atmosphere - there was always a complete silence outside as if the nature would rest or have retreated and the spirits of dead would be walking around.

This experience repeated 10 to 15 times during a half year period and ended on a last repetition during which I received a message with a simple content "one" or "1".Fort Hays State University, located in the heart of Kansas, is a true world leader in distance education, offering over 50 online degrees specifically designed for adult learners.You can take a class or earn an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree.From then on I started to see number 1444 - or pay attention to the repeating occurrence of it. I usually just look up bible verses and somehow they make sense to me. Christ return is at hand and the three angels message in revelation should be proclaimed to the world. He speaks to us in many ways, but we often do not have the ear to hear; so he puts it in our sight.444 represents to me how loving God is and He wants us to know that He has a plan for us.This is a widgeted area which is called Featured Top Right.