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This happened for a couple of weeks, then suddenly a Thursday and a Friday night after she was online she was just ready for bed. And as someone who has felt it hit, many of us will ALSO react badly to it, make some comments we’ll regret, bitch and moan and gnash our teeth and wring our hands in the manner of a poor actor at community theater showing angst. When we break it down and determine what our issues truly are, they rarely have anything to do with what is actually happening…instead they’re this nebulous feeling that was dredged up.

This kind of bothered me, and I started realizing some of the things you guys talk about with swinging were showing up here as well. We had a “heated” conversation about this and I basically explained this reconnection concept to her and told her I felt left out and kind of brushed aside when she was able to do this stuff for strangers and then not for me. (good communication) 🙂Then there came the big struggle…There was a regular that was coming to see her. So your wife is doing this awesome thing, that you’re being very supportive of.

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