He says he's been here before, likes the food, the atmosphere. "It's a nice place to have in the neighborhood," he says as he settles into a booth in the back corner. There's one on the menu, along with a turkey club and a Reuben. I do yoga for about an hour, a lot of stretching, which is really good.

It truly was my time to come out of hiding and shine!

___________________________________________________________________________ ‎Law Offices of Silky Sahnan‎ Your Personal Dating Game Plan In our speaker spotlight series we take the opportunity to learn more about our guest speaker, Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach, with 5 Questions that touch on her life experiences as well as uncover some fun and interesting revelations.

To understand how monumental of a day that was for the NFL, the city of Pittsburgh and the Steelers franchise, realize this: Cowher's exit meant the team would have to begin a head-coaching search for only the second time since man landed on the moon.

There were thoughts that Cowher was trying to get a bigger contract.

I guess the biggest difference from coaching to now is that I can be out here – in this restaurant – and no one is going to bother us. There's normality." fficially, January 5, 2007 is the day that Bill Cowher decided to step down as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I can walk up and down New York, go shopping, go to Food Emporium, Grace's. After an 8-8 season and no trip to the playoffs – for only the fifth time in his 15-year tenure – Cowher called it quits.

So many times I’ve wanted to deliver the perfect put-down at the perfect time, that withering or hilarious comment that makes me look really bloody clever, when all I could think of to say was along the lines of “” Wit and timing sure make for a fantastic combination that can squarely shut someone up and have everyone else in hysterics, but aside from a witty one-liner there’s another brand of put-down that’s a different beast entirely.

People are losing self-esteem and self-confidence because they’re on the receiving end of consistent put-downs from a friend, loved one or family member.

Singles are getting more and more comfortable with online dating.

Thus, sites are flooded with non-geeky, non-Internet-savvy users.

He is not trying to prove some larger point about how your life opens up when you're not surrounded by football 24/7.