Everyone is well aware of Bloom's history with Miranda Kerr—they were married for three years and have an adorable son to prove it—but the rumor mill started flying that Orlando got prickly over a possible past with his ex and the "Love Yourself" singer.

As far as we know they just got a little cozy during a long-ago Victoria's Secret fashion show, but Bieber did post an ill-advised Instagram of Kerr (that he quickly deleted).

The real-estate mogul has been managing director of the London property company Home House Estates since November 2014, and graduated from Cass Business School, according to his Linked In profile.

Their four-month relationship is reportedly “pretty serious,” as the 29-year-old actress introduced her flame to her mother, Dina Lohan, and other family in New York over the holidays.

Not that you could fault them: The life of a celebrity all but rules out romantic relationships with civilians so the dating pool is smaller than it seems.

So small that there exists in Hollywood a phenomenon we've dubbed The Love Square.

Since 2005, both Parises have done pretty well for themselves though.

Latsis later dated Nikki Reed and has recently turned his eye towards film.

Then of course there's Jason Pomeranc, owner of the Mansfield hotel, who was described last March as the "Current hotelier f*cktoy of (actress) Shannon Doherty." 2004 was a good year for him. Oh yeah, 2004 was the year that the world's number #1 hotel-related celebutante heiress—Paris Hilton—became a full-fledged celebrity, as she graced gossip-pages on nearly a daily basis, dominating news cycle after news cycle.

This flurry of activity coincided perfectly with some boom times for the hotel business.

Paris and Paris first hooked up in 2004, before he popped the question in May 2005.

After a quick 5 month engagement, the then-24-year-old called things off and ...

Paris is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that she just doesn’t have the popularity or cache that she did five years ago,” the source revealed.