The organisational fit can be overlooked when people focus too much on the technology, particularly new technologies.It is also important to set out how the business will support a new solution e.g.To be reusable, they must remain intact after a design is produced and the stencil is removed from the work surface.

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Dating index template video

The High Level Design sits at the Conceptual and the Logical levels of abstraction for a project.

Use this full website template to create beautiful dating sites, social sites, dating agency sites etc.

Also edit "index.php" file and set "ENVIRONMENT" constant to "development".

This will ensure that system displays errors if any occur so you could easily spot and fix any issues you may come across.

Before you start customizing templates, make sure to enable "development mode" setting in the control panel under "system - settings".

This will ensure that system does not use cached data so your changes are seen right away.

Using the power of My Php Dating 2.0 , anyone can easily create a good-looking, professional dating website and also can customize its look and feel, features and configurations through its integrated configuration manager.

Not only that, Myphpdating provides you a full featured web-based graphical reporting system and administration control panel through which you will be able to view and analyze your business growth from anywhere in this world and to control your business strategy accordingly. My Php Dating also provides add-on options which you can choose from including our huge repository of dating site templates, add-on-features ,custom feature /custom template design and SEO .

Do not leave development mode enabled on a live site as it will slow it down considerably.

Templates have the following directory structure:application/views Software template files.templates Your own template files.

Keeping all these requirement aspects in mind , Php Online Dating Software has created such a powerful dating / matchmaking software - My Php Dating (version 2.0 available now!