Kendall’s career is managed by Michael Schweiger of CEG Talent Agency. He had appeared in a Chex TV commercial as a child.

Pop, electro rock, dance, R&B Vocals, drums, guitar, piano Columbia Records, TOLBooth Records Average 5 ft 11 in or 180 cm 77 kg or 170 lbs Kendall has dated – His body specifications like chest, arms or biceps, waist size is not known. Roman Catholic Playing the role of Kendall Knight in the musical comedy television series, Big Time Rush. The album was a commercial success by selling over 5 million albums worldwide. He appeared in 2001 movie Robertson’s Greatest Hits for his role as Bill. Again in 2001, Kendall guest appeared in comedy TV series Rising Dad as Noah in 4th episode of first season titled “For Mature Audiences Only”.

"Writing a song -- creating something from nothing -- is really great," he said.

Schmidt is already tackling writing with his side project, Heffron Drive, a band he started even before he joined Big Time Rush.

” So it’s clear Ciara’s tight with her fam, but what about her relationship with on-screen bro, Kendall Schmidt?

Like…what if he was her older brother in real life?

cast and crew these past four seasons, but the most common one? “It’s what my friends call me back home, so it’s kind of nice,” she gushed to us.

“It’s like my nickname for my family, and they’ve become my family, so I like it.” How sweet.

In other words, hes starting to act like a teenager and parents dont like it one bit.

Carlos Pena was nominated for "Best Male TV Actor and the band was nominated for "Favorite Music Group".

Along with James Maslow, Carlos Pena, and Logan Henderson, he is the member of the band . Kendall has good fitness levels and like others he also does diet and exercise.

The boyband BTR released their debut album with the title B.

She makes friends with the staff and a lot of the adults, but not so much as to kids around her age. She is smarter than everyone and could easily rule the world one day.