I'm not fond of the bridge resting directly on the body.

dating a prs ce22-1dating a prs ce22-8

Regards, kcbuck Hi thank you very much for your reply. not sure on model name but it maybe comparing to others a Custom 22?

Ive just taken some better photos attached, theres no bolt on neck, glued or through maybe, there are a couple of things that dont quite ring true. The PRS signature at the top some of it looks missing 2. i have determined that the date may well be 1992 however approximate dates on some websites state that 15001 to 17001 is 1993 however the serial number is clearly marked 2 15799 3. very sorry for the vagueness not an expert on electrics by any stretch of the imagination The guitar is near mint condition, but came without a case.

Just wondered if theres any experts on PRS that may be able to shed a bit of history on this guitar.

there was no case with the guitar but i have a few photos, thanks Rich Richard: Per the serial number prefix of "2" this could be either a 1992 or a 2002 PRS guitar.

This directory contains USENET articles Mic has saved about guitars, equipment, pickup, techniques, players, and so on.

Mic has graciously granted permission to post the stuff on the JT30 page on the off chance that it might be useful in the context of Blues Harmonica.Personally, I’ve never been attracted to the more extreme quilt patterns; they always looked fake to me! The neck itself is a wide-thin; interestingly, it is not as thin a neck as the wide-thin was on a CE24 I once owned. It is finished in the same light poly as the other PRS bolt-on (really, bolt-in) models; it feels almost like natural wood, and isn’t sticky. The birds look iridescent, and there is no filler evident at all. The electronic compartment cover on the back of the body is also black, as is the truss rod cover, located on the headstock.The fingerboard is rosewood, in the manner of every PRS except the Swamp Ash Special. The tone, volume and pickup selector knobs are translucent gold.For 2009 PRS has a new low cost stripped down model which I don't expect will sell After all someone looking for a cheap guitar will probably buy the import. They came out with so many new models for 2008 it no longer makes sense to stock as many as we stocked in past years.PRS seems to be trying to bridge the gap between a custom shop and a production shop.its a red maple (i think) and from what ive read its from 1992 pre factory.