Over the next few years, Anne experienced a number of financial set-backs.She opened another credit card to help pay for a major car repair (00) and another to cover expenses when her roommate moved out with no notice (00). As a teacher, she thought she had job security, but her state had a budget crisis and teachers with little seniority were the first to go.You use the loan to pay off all of your credit cards.

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Generally, the more money you borrow, the more you spend, and the more debt you pile up.

For example, let's say you take out a consolidation loan.

Consolidating debt with a home equity loan could be a good option. You may have high interest credit cards, loans and mortgages. This is the practice of rolling all your debts into a single, monthly bill.

2014)When monthly bills get out of hand, debtors frequently look to debt consolidation.

A solid, reputable company will offer multiple bill consolidation plans and share the features, benefits, and risks of each with you.

In addition to helping you determine the best way to consolidate your debt, a good company will offer financial education, guidance, and support as you make your way out of debt - setting you up for a lifetime of strong debt management and financial success.

"I've got too many debts to too many credit card companies and stores," consumers commonly lament.

"Is there a way to consolidate my bills into one simple payment?

While some consumers choose to create a budget and plan to pay off their bills on their own, for others going it alone is an overwhelming task.

Another option is to seek the help of a debt relief company.

This not only simplifies the payments, but can also provide real debt relief by reducing those payments as well.