According to Apolo Ohno, "I was looking for someone to take me to the next level." Schaeffer is a Ph. candidate in nutrition and was awarded the Order of Ikkos Medallion at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games for his outstanding training work with Apolo Ohno, winner of eight Olympic medals, the most decorated American Winter Olympic Games athlete of all time (two Olympic Gold Medals, two Olympic Silver Medals, and four Olympic Bronze Medals) and a champion on television's Dancing With The Stars, dancing Pasodoble, hip-hop and freestyle dance with break-dancing, scoring a perfect 30 in the final. When they win (the athletes) you win, and it's an amazing place you're taking (them). According to Schaeffer, "Every nutrient we consume has a purpose. Statistical information, such as date and place of birth, information on historical significance, and information on accomplishments is desired. He specializes in sports conditioning (physical exercise), nutrition and weight management.

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S national champion wining the tittle for 12 times.

He was also the youngest American to win a World Cup overall tittle in 2001 in december 1999 which he won again in 20.

He treated himself to a romantic vacation in Maui with mysterious dating lady and are still dating together.

The source claimed that he was previously in relation with his girlfriend Allison Bavers, both of them were skaters and have dated for an indeterminate amount of time finishing in or just prior 2010.

Pilonis French for pestle, an instrument used for crushing or pounding.

When Baver crashed, her ankle bone pounded her tibia like a sledgehammer.

Apolo Anton Ohno is a retired American short track speed skater who holds the record for most medal won by U. Ohno began his training at the age of 13 and at the age of 14 he became the youngest U.

His parents were Yuki Ohno and Jerrie Lee but he was raised by his father.

She also broke her fibula and suffered cartilage damage.