You will slip into enemy territory undetected, deliver a crippling blow and escape before he can summon a response. 2 and you are one of the finest military aviators the world has ever known. You will do all this with professionalism, skill and consummate lethality. Feel the thundering impact of your laser-guided bombs as you roar close overhead.

However, it is possible to force the game to run on any video card (even if it does not meet the minimum specification of the game) decide to do this and have terrible performance as expected, please do not contact us reporting it.

We know the unsupported cards aren't going to perform well and there's nothing we'll be able to do to remedy it.

Official advice is to try logging in later when the servers are less busy.

This might be considered an exploit of the way that the client is reporting Error 37 to indicate that servers are too busy.

If you have Shivering Isles installed, it's recommended to also install the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.

If you have any official DLC mods installed (Knights of the Nine, Fighter's Stronghold/Battlehorn Castle, Frostcrag Spire/Wizard's Tower, Horse Armor Pack, Mehrunes' Razor, Thieves' Den/Dunbarrow Cove, The Orrery, Vile Lair/Deepscorn Hollow or Spell Tomes) it's recommended to also install the Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches.

If you're experiencing a bug with Oblivion and it's not fixed by our mod please by all means report the bug to us in as much detail as possible so we can try to fix it!

Also if you find any: levitating trees or rocks, see-through or fall-through walls/objects or other stuff out of place, please let either of us know.

Warning: Only use the Unofficial Oblivion Patch with the version of Oblivion is was created for!