However, some people may see the same item on TV and suffer considerably more distress and worry.

They may be up all night worrying about what to do if such an attack came to their town, and this worry can go on for days.

In a statement seen by Reuters, Mr Key said of the likely damage bill: "You've got to believe it's in the billions of dollars to resolve."Mr Key and Mr Brownlee estimated clearing the debris and blocked roads could take months.

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Also known as generalised anxiety disorder, fear, gad If we see an item on TV that is disturbing, such as a terror attack, we feel horror, temporary distress and dismay, yet we continue with our activities and can put it out of our minds.

A second earthquake, initially measured as magnitude 6.8 but revised down to 6.2, struck hours afterward but there were no reports of deaths or injuries.

New Zealand's Civil Defence declared a state of emergency for the Kaikoura region soon after the large aftershock.

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