There is also a sort of subcomponent to that second one of trying to break through the social dynamics of this kind of working out, which is a particular challenge for a lot of women, because the weight room feels intimidating, aggressive, and sort of competitive, filled with dudes who are already huge.For any or all of these things, Greg Nuckols at Stronger By Science has an excellent and thorough guide related to lifting specifically.For your visual-learning pleasure, we've included GIFs and annotated pics to demo.

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The fact that you recognize the importance of free-barbell squats means that you are that much closer to achieving your fitness and fat loss goals.

So ask yourself what’s keeping you from getting into the squat rack?

That's why we asked Michael Bultman, a coach at Cross Fit NYC who specializes in Olympic lift training, for an easy how-to guide to using a bar for three body-sculpting moves.

These exercises don't require fancy machinery like a bench press or squat rack, either. Bultman demonstrates three common lifts, below, that will tone your entire body (and look pretty freaking cool when you string them together for a continuous exercise): The deadlift, the power clean and the push press.

alternating between two or more exercises at a time) is a fantastic way to maximize your time, and your burn.

It’s also a fantastic way to make some gy-nemies during peak lifting hours.

You’ve made the honorable effort of getting your butt to the gym.

Little do you know, the battle has only just begun.

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