KEY FEATURE- Refresh page base on time interval.- Timer to start(A countdown to start to refresh).- Show notification and play sound for page monitor.

I have asked for assistance with this app from the developer and they have not acknowledged that it is faulty at this time. I can just as easily hit the refresh button on my browser.

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To disable this feature: Warning: Disabling the anti-malware protection is not recommended, as it will leave you vulnerable to malicious file downloads or untrustworthy websites that might try to infect you with a virus, trojan or spyware.

In addition, when you download an application file, Firefox will verify its signature.

Often this is done by adding a “fingerprint” to the path, such as the source control version number, file timestamp, or checksum.

Here’s an example for a script from Facebook: It’s likely that if you compare the resource URLs for major websites over time you’ll see these fingerprints changing with each release.

If it is signed, Firefox then compares the signature with a list of known safe publishers.

For files that are not identified by the lists as “safe” (allowed) or as “malware” (blocked), Firefox asks Google’s Safe Browsing service if the software is safe by sending it some of the download’s metadata.Finally, you will also learn how to get Dreamweaver to automatically figure out which pages of your site to upload without your having to manually open and upload every one of them.Some Web pages do not have static text, but rather automatically update even while you are viewing them.Complete a brief survey to get a complimentary 70-page whitepaper featuring the best methods and solutions for your virtual environment, as well as hypervisor-specific management advice from Tech Target experts. Analyzing your site using Page Speed or YSlow often produces lower scores than you might expect due to 3rd party resources with short cache times.Using the HTTP Archive we see how the URL changes for Facebook’s main script: Facebook sets a 1 year cache time for this script, so when they make changes they rev the URL to make sure all users get the new version immediately.