There are no rules about what you can change using a codicil – it could be anything from a single word to many different sections of your will.

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Lots of people change their wills when they have children, grandchildren or when their financial situation changes.

This guide will help you decide and answers common questions such as “how to change a will”, “how much does it cost to change” and “what is a codicil”. If you would like to make significant changes to the will, then it might be better to write a new will.

A codicil has to be signed and witnessed in the same way as your original will, but you don’t need to use the same witnesses.

Maintaining an accurate, current will is one of the best ways to ensure that your wishes are honored after your death.

However, there are many reasons to review and update your will and other estate planning documents. Now is the time to review and possibly change your will.

For instance, let's say you've found the love of your life and want to make sure they are included in your estate plan, either before or after marriage. While the reasons may be endless, we've listed a few more possible life changes that may prompt you to change your estate plan. A review does not necessarily mean that a change is required, but does ensure that changes in circumstances are not overlooked.We recommend that Wills be reviewed: (Financial Agreement) to regulate the ownership of your respective assets in order to protect and preserve your assets for your benefit and the benefit of your children.All property that is transferred through your will goes through probate. Depending on what sort of change you’re making, you should either add to your will or write a new one.Each state has its own legal requirements for making a will.