That does makes some sense, as too-aggressive "fixing" can disable Windows altogether.

avira rescue cd not updating-70

It will show you graphical desktop to proceed to scan the hard disk and remove mostly possible infections.

When malware has taken over your computer and barred you from its resources, it's a little late to start thinking about installing an antivirus utility.

I dont want to use the iso file because it is to large for my USB Drive Thanks for help Hello and welcome to the board Looks like the Avira Rescue CD was recently changed. Use the previous version and the RMPrep USB tutorial. Some of the files/folders from the ISO can be discarded but not the big files from the casper folder.

So it will take pretty much the same size on the USB stick...

Even in less extreme cases, entrenched malware may interfere with antivirus installation or scanning.

The free, cleanup-only Avira Rescue System has no problem with Windows-centric malware, because it boots into a custom Ubuntu distro in order to perform its scan.

So you'll need to delete something else from the USB stick to make some room or get a bigger one.

Bootable antivirus are useful when, a computer get severely infected and unable to boot normally.

I did note that on almost half of my test systems it reported "The wizard was not finished successfully," and advised checking the scan report.

From the report I gathered that the scanner doesn't meddle with malware-infected Windows files, or with files in certain sensitive areas.

Hitman Pro is a popular antimalware and second opinion scanner. Kickstart is a software on a bootabe USB flash drive.