On a conference call to promote the NBC reality show, the musician was evasive when answering if his VH1 dating show “Rock of Love” would be back for a fourth season. “I mean, it’s basically drinking and dating, it can’t be that hard. To go back to ‘Rock of Love’ would be a lot of fun.” Michaels declared Jes Rickleff, Ambre Lake and then Penthouse pet Taya Parker as the winners of their respective “Rock of Love” seasons, but obviously, none of the relationships lasted long beyond the show.“I was really excited about being on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to show that there’s also another side [to me],” he added.(It should be noted that Poison - even CC De Ville - and the entire cast of Rock Of Ages had no problem hitting their marks.

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Duhaime, Morgan Christine, born 17 October 1981, died 27 December 2015 in Minnesota, USAOur Remembrance I miss you, Morgan Christine.

Not a day, hour, or moment goes by that I don't think about you and wish you were still here.

If you would have just come over that day like we planned. Logue, John Stewart, born 10 October 1996, died 15 December 2016 in North Olmsted, Ohio Our Remembrance If the measure of someone's life was in the joy you brought to my heart instead of years, then you would be immortal. Martinez, Travis Lee Rodgers-, born 13 August 1992, died 20 March 2009 in Wyoming Our Remembrance My beautiful son, Travis, forever 16.

I never respected anymore more then I respected you because in a world full of superficial, meaningless, material you had content. You had the gift, which ultimately was a burden, of pure unadulterated existence. I'm sorry that we couldn't help you carry that weight. I love and miss you more with each breath I take and I long for the day when I can be with you in Heaven and hold you in my arms. Douglas, Juanita, born 3 December 1949, died 28A Pril 2007 in Tennessee, USAOur Remembrance You were a beloved wife, and a great mother, grandmother, daughter,and sister.

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Bret Michaels is all business when it comes to the third season of “The Celebrity Apprentice”; so much so that he’s not quite forthcoming about his love life. 1 show for VH1 three years in a row,” Michaels said on a conference call.

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Miller, Josh, born 26 June 1979, died 16 June 2012 in Oregon, USAOur Remembrance He was my husband of 6 years and the father to my daughter. I miss him and wish he was here to see the kids grow. Love from Portugal Hanson, Anastacia, born 05 October 2000, died 15 November 2013 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Our Remembrance Anastacia was a beautiful 13 year old girl. Anastacia was a caring ,kind hearted and loving person who is loved and missed so much by many. Rest in peace my brother, hope you are in peace now Johnson, Jay Leland, born 10 September 1975, died 25 January 2004 in Minnesota Our Remembrance In Loving memory of a wonderful Father and Best Friend. He was an artistic, kind, caring, free spirit that would try anything once.