(B) The study committee is composed of the following five members: (1) one member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives; (2) one member appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate; (3) one member appointed by the Governor; (4) the State Superintendent of Education or his designee, who shall serve ex officio; and (5) one member who serves as a superintendent of a school district of this State, appointment by the State Superintendent of Education.(C) The study committee shall report its findings to the General Assembly by January 31, 2019, at which time the committee is abolished.And it is all but certain to occur in full in 2017-18.

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"They are by default as we are spread very thinly across the district."The comments showed a high degree of support for adding full-day kindergarten.

A colored map showed that North Shore School District 112 is one of only a few districts in the area to still provide half-day kindergarten.

Another wrote, "Larger classes within reason will create better synergy for creative thought."Even on that point, though, there was dissent. The two first grade classes at Lincoln Elementary School, for instance, each serve 14 students.

At Red Oak, Ravinia and Oak Terrace, classes have 20 or more students, according to the data."Our unusually small class sizes are not by design," explained Melissa Itkin, a member of the reconfiguration panel.

Wouldn’t we acknowledge that kids who can’t even identify colors when they come to pre-K will need more help than those who know their ABCs?

And that whether that means just better teachers or also after-school or summer school, extra help is going to cost more?

All of which means the state is going to spend more money in poor areas than in wealthy areas. school district, with 40 population-based local councils to handle discipline and hire and fire superintendents and principals.

And if the state is providing all the money, would we really let local school board members call the shots? He saw this as the only way to stop dividing our state between the haves, which provide a top-rate education to kids lucky enough to live there, and the have-nots, which cheat the kids and drive off employers with ever-higher tax rates that never can generate enough money to match the rich districts’ spending.

117.08(1) The school boards of two (2) or more school districts may adopt resolutions stating that they will consider consolidating their school districts.

Each school board adopting a resolution may specify that the alternative timeline in s.117.08 (5) (a) or (b), Wis. (See examples of the three available options.) SCHOOL BOARD ACTION - Wis. 117.08(2) Petition - If a petition is filed it must be signed by at least ten (10) percent of the electors who reside in any affected school district and filed with the clerk of the school district that has the highest equalized valuation of the affected school districts. Stats., for information about how to determine the number of signatures needed. Stats., states if school districts are consolidated under s. 117.09, the school boards of the consolidating school districts shall make up the joint interim school board of the new school district. Stats., states that on the effective consolidation date of two or more districts the following apply: A written agreement between two (2) or more school districts considering consolidation to continue to operate a program or facility at a specific location for a specified period after consolidation shall be binding on the new joint interim school board or elected school board. 117.08(2) may appeal the denial to a circuit court.

The board rejected another option, also by a 7-2 vote, that would have delayed the full reconfiguration by a year.