Germany warns the tensions between Moscow and the West are more dangerous than during the Cold War.

Russia’s Iskander missiles have a range of around 500 kilometers, and their deployment in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, has rattled the West.

Eight months ago, paramilitary forces barreled down the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, following the gruesome police killing of unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel planned a ceremony at a Chicago White Sox baseball game to pay "official" tribute to the Chicago cops.

Police Superintendent Garry Mc Carthy has been portrayed as a hero for the supposed restraint exercised by the CPD.

If President Trump is truly interested in Germany paying for its own defense, he should put withdrawing U. military assets from Germany on the table instead of empty claims that Germany "owes" NATO or the U. Even a budget proposal that kept defense spending the same could be used for this purpose if it came with a reprioritization.

is not interested in such moderation, and that rhetoric suggesting otherwise is aimed more at a domestic audience than an international one.

Both papers are linked to the Cemaat movement, which is led by the U.

S.-based Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen, a one-time Erdogan ally whose followers have become fierce rivals of the Turkish president.Protests demanding justice for Gray had been largely peaceful, until heavy-handed police tactics against Baltimore high school students on 27 April incited a riot.Some young people responded by throwing bottles and rocks at police, prompting comparisons to Palestine, where children often toss stones at Israeli occupation forces as a means of resistance and self-defense.Simply put, Germany spends so little because the U. Given Trump's proposed increase in military spending after Mattis' message, it appears European leaders called Trump's bluff. A massive increase, on the other hand, shows an unwillingness to think critically about military priorities, a necessary prerequisite for NATO reform to be a policy goal and not just a rhetorical tool.Practically overnight, Baltimore morphed into a heavily militarized police state with machine-like efficiency, demonstrating America’s frightening capacity to successfully implement martial law in a major US city in a matter of hours.