The easier you can build and deploy working apps to complete a specific task or solve a particular problem on a team or throughout your organization, the more efficiently your business will run.In an effort to make the app-creation process easier on the IT department and, at the same time, more accessible to everyday business users, businesses have begun to turn to low-code development platforms.

I’ll fly on fifteen flights covering a total distance of 35,000 miles.

To put that in perspective, that’s almost 1.5 times the circumference of the globe.

UPDATE: My trip has come to an end, though I’m still traveling here and there.

Here’s a recap of my 14 months of Adventure Travel.

So it’s getting harder and harder to charge premium prices for e Books. But now I realize there is a completely untapped market for anyone to make money with Amazon Kindle books.

Two weeks ago, I jumped into the Kindle market with my book: How to Make Extra Money Fast on Your Computer: to make a Kindle book.Plus I’ll detail a few strategies I’m personally implementing that will (hopefully) maximize the income potential from this business model…So overall I spent a day’s work and almost a hundred dollars to make a Kindle book.Through a combination of drag-and-drop user interfaces (UIs), form builders, and visual process modeling, users can leverage low-code development platforms to produce a working app that you can download, open, and start using in hours or less." or "citizen developer," meaning business users who see an opportunity to optimize a process and take it upon themselves to create their own apps.To do so, they often dabble in technologies such as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming in Microsoft .The efficiencies result from Amazon delivering products to Whole Foods, not your doorstep.