Our I-Team studied Mayoral hopeful Kwanza Hall's city council campaign disclosures and found a confusing mess, with 24 amendments filed to correct mistakes made every year for the past six years. Then, his next report filed in June of 2014, the money was gone. The next campaign report in January 2015, the money was back again. We shared our findings with good government watchdog, William Perry.“I think the way you report your campaign reports is reflective of how you serve in office,” says Perry.

“If you are not careful with how you disclose your own money, how are you going to be careful with the people's money.”Kwanza Hall insists there is no missing money and it was all cleaned up when he filed his latest amendment on May 9 of this year."No, it’s there, says Hall.

Hall filed an amendment in April of this year that showed a new number: 2,063. The rules say to start over with a new election cycle.

We are working on it.”But at least one other government watchdog is not impressed.“As a citizen off the street, looking at something like this it would appear as if the money came out of the sky,” says Sara Henderson of good government group Common Cause.

“If a candidate or sitting elected official can't do these forms, that really are pretty simple, and file on time, file an accurate report, it says something about your fiscal integrity,” says Henderson.

Our guests enjoy the shopping and perhaps a stroll around Burghley Park.

MSNBC anchors Lawrence O'Donnell and Tamron Hall have a romance spicing up off set.

Essentially, the theory goes, when faced with a huge range of choices, people will conserve time by making choices quickly based on readily available information: For example, swiping left or right based on how someone looks in one photo.

This is quite different from the traditional romantic trajectory, in which two people get to know each other and become closer over time.It looks as though Australian media baron Rupert Murdoch may be rebounding from his third wife, Wendi Deng, with the least likely of women—Jerry Hall, the six-foot-tall former fashion model who was romantically entangled with Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger over the course of two decades and four children. There is no question that they are a couple.”According to the source, the two have spent time together in California and New York City, where the pair reportedly saw the popular Broadway musical .The relationship status update arrives via , which informs us that the 84-year-old billionaire was introduced to the 59-year-old “in Australia by one of his sisters and a niece.” A family friend cautiously adds, “It’s all very new. If all goes as planned, Murdoch and Hall will reportedly make a public appearance together at the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham on Saturday."I look forward to a fruitful partnership, meaning that I [don't] have to go into the typical, traditional marriage," says Hall. Stamford is an exceptionally beautiful stone town, mostly dating from 1820 or earlier, with many fine churches, almshouses, shops, inns and private houses dating from times when Stamford was a crucial stopover on the Great North Road.Last year, Hall was linked to scientist Armand Leroi.