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If you guys are living in the bubble, then let us burst it and splash you with the info that young Diane was one party animal. She was a hard-partying girlfriend of Jon Bon Jovi. Only if Lane did not betray Jon, looks like Diane and Jon would still be a couple.

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She said no she hadn't ever spoken to Roberts about that but that she would like to.

She also said the film ended up being a 'feel good movie,' but admitted that wasn't originally supposed to be the case.

Apparently the ending of the movie was going to be very different.'This crazy b**** was kicked out of a rolling limo at the end because she was delusional that she thought this guy was really in love with her. She has her romantic comedy Paris Can Wait out next week with Alec Baldwin and she also has her highly anticipated superhero movie Justice League out in November.

She was only hired for the weekend, I had such compassion for her,' Lane explained. The next installment in the franchise, where she plays Martha Kent, will be debuting this November, which includes all the legends from the DC comics.

'Just all the jockstraps were lined up on the floor for the whole band to get through the whole tour.'She made another interesting revelation during her WWHL appearance.

During her chat with Andy Cohen the brunette beauty was asked by a fan if her and Julia Roberts ever spoke about the fact that Lane almost played the iconic character Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman.

Jon Bon Jovi is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, philanthropist, and actor.

He is the lead singer of his band Bon Jovi, a band formed in 1983.

"When asked if she and Roberts, 49, ever spoke about the 1990 romantic comedy, she replied: "We didn't actually ever have that conversation.