When with we ask you to come out for a romantic dinner, you say, I would love to!

He doesn`t mind you dating other people, but you guys hang out at the same bar, shocking that you guys frequent bars, by the way.

Then he says he doesn`t want to have cake for breakfast, but he does. So, Simone, just give Betty a closing comment on how she can move on. So, your wildest stuff, your most difficult material, we want it tonight.

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Drew,” the host of “Loveline,” the radio relationship and medical advice show, Drew Pinsky, M.

D., is a nationally recognized physician and addiction specialist. Drew and Adam Book: A Survival Guide To Life and Love, and is also a professor of psychiatry and medical director of the Department of Chemical Dependency Services at the University of Southern California. Consider them Team Dude from MTV's Loveline show, where they dispense sarcastic and sporadically helpful advice to callers and listeners.

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And we have this quaint expression called MILF for these young moms with children who are out there on the dating scene. I don't believe in dating "playdates"--"Oh, let's just bring the kids to the park together" with other single dads.

The best advice I can give you ladies is to protect your children from your romantic life. It's very, very confusing for small kids so find adequate childcare, find time, and have adult time with yourself.

Guys ask for a lot of things on the first date that I just wouldn’t do.

How do I stand my ground yet keep men interested in me?

It's Beavis and Butthead's version of sex ed in this Survival Guide to Life and Love.