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The tables describe the syntax to use with WDS, as well as the properties that can be queried for each file kind displayed in the Windows Desktop Search results window.

These optional criteria can narrow a search based on the following: Users can limit the scope of their searches to specific folder locations or data stores.

For example, if you use several email accounts and you want to limit a query to either Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express, you can use If you have a protocol handler in place to crawl custom stores, like Lotus Notes, you can use the name of the store or protocol handler for the store.

For example, if you implemented a protocol handler to include a Lotus Notes data store as "notes," the query syntax would be .

Users can also limit their searches to specific types of files, called file kinds.

If you submit a page removal requests, we will check whether the page is in fact no longer live on the web and if that is the case, we will expedite the process of removing the URL from our search results.

If, however, the URL points to a page that is still live on the web, you are given the option to remove outdated cached content instead.

Each search engine compiles its index using its own frequently refined methods.

Most indexes start with an automated program known as a spider or crawler that visits sites in a network (such as the internet) and uses keywords or phrases on each page to classify the information it finds.

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