I can tell them, ‘Do it,’ and then I can be undermined. My goal is to bring people along so they understand why we are doing things the way we’re doing them.” For one transsexual woman who went on a 64-day hunger strike in jail last summer to protest her treatment, the change in policy — and attitude — needs to happen sooner rather later.

Athena Cadence, left, pictured in the Hall of Justice Dec. Cadence went on a hunger strike for 63 days while she was incarcerated last year to protest jail conditions.

A campus style female prison within Mountjoy Prison, Dóchas was designed for twice the number of female prisoners that the old wing of St. The ethos of the centre is for inmates to live as close as possible to a life in ordinary accommodation.

There were numerous occasions when prayer times were too close together for me to slip away, I couldn’t get time off to pray or I was in a meeting.

The thought of telling clients ‘I need to go to pray’ was very daunting.

Cadence, who is a veteran, says she was put on anti-psychotics in response to the psychological trauma she sustained while serving as a military parachutist in an infantry unit in 2006-2007 in Iraq.

Cadence has a history of allergies and sensitivity to the medication she was put on and she says the negative reaction lead to a psychotic episode which eventually resulted in her being arrested.

Mountjoy Female Prison opened in 1858 and has been the largest female prison in the country ever since.

In 1956 the female prison at Mountjoy was given over to young male offenders and became St. The small numbers of women at the time were moved to a basement of one wing of St Patrick's Institution.As a Muslim woman, I didn’t think I encountered any discrimination in landing a job; I faced the usual hurdles any other graduate would have faced.It was only once employed that I realised how difficult the workplace can be for an individual wanting to practice their religion.The Dóchas Centre (Irish: lárionad le Dóchas) is a closed, medium security prison, for females aged 18 years and over, located in Mountjoy Prison in Dublin.It is also the committal prison for females committed on remand or sentenced from all Courts outside the Munster area of Ireland.But the policy, which addresses not just housing but how a transgender inmate is treated from booking to release, has been stalled for months in negotiations with unions representing jail deputies and managers.