Our goal is to help you find answers to the most common Wyoming adoption laws.

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Adoption subsidies begin at placement or at finalization for adopting foster families.

A special needs child is defined as having at least one of the following: six years or older, member of a racial minority, member of a sibling group being placed together, ongoing physical or mental conditions, treatable physical, mental, or emotional conditions, has developed strong emotional ties to a foster family that needs assistance in adopting the child.

The information that can be provided is listed in Wyoming Statute 7-19-303(c)(iii).

That information is currently available on the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry public website.

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There are two features available by subscription on the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry public website.

You can sign up to track a specific offender by clicking on the link “Register to Track this Offender” on the offender’s home page.

Most of these adoption codes have additional circumstances that will need to be verified and considered for each specific adoption.